1.These terms and conditions are for the adidas Run Your Crew race, that will be held at Sci-Bono Park, Johannesburg on  3 December 2016 at 19:00pm ("the event").
2.The organiser of the event will be adidas South Africa (Pty) Limited (“adidas”).
3.Participants can choose to take part in a 4km, 8km or 12km race, with route details that will only be shared on the day of the event.
4.You must register a team of six entrants to form ONE complete team: teams can be mixed or male/female only.
5.Pre-registration allows that members of the public who are interested in signing up to the inaugural 'Run Your Crew' event have a window of opportunity to secure their booking before the event registration opens up to the general public.
6.Members of the public input their contact details indicating that they are interested in taking part in the event. The event organisers then send details of what will be required in the registration process. Those who have pre-registered have a 2 hour window of opportunity, before registration officially opens, to secure a spot in the race.
7.Pre-registration does not automatically guarantee a position in the race, it provides for a 2 hour window period before official registration opens, offering you the chance to enter first before the general public. Entries will be filled on a first come basis.
8.Registration opens on Tues 18 October 2016.
9.Registration is online at where your personal information will be collected. Personal information includes the team members’ names, physical addresses, dates of birth and medical data.  If you provide information on behalf of your team members, you confirm that you have their approval to enter them to participate in your team and that they have agreed to these terms.
10.The personal information is collected for purposes of the event and also for health and safety purposes. By entering the event all participants agree that their personal information will be stored, used by adidas and our event partners in connection with the organisation, staging and administration of the event. Medical information may also be used to allow medical assistance if required.
11.Entries close at midnight on 07 November 2016 and it is your responsibility to ensure that we receive your entry before the closing time.
12.Each participant will receive a race pack with:

  • Personalised adidas race tee (team name and race number printed thereon)
  • Phone pouch (entrants are urged to use their phones)
  • R50 Uber voucher (vouchers will be limited to use 2 hours before and after the event and in JHB and Pretoria region only)
  • Timing tag to be attached to running shoe.
  • Entrance to After Party

13. Team members’ names and contact details will be used by us and our event partners for the purposes of:

  • the promotion and marketing of the event;
  • adding to a mailing list of adidas and adidas global company to keep people informed about any future events and services which we believe you might be interested in, such as similar types of events or activities;
  • promotional and marketing material in respect of similar events, other community based activities organised by our event partners.

14.Participants must be 18 years old or older on the day of the race. Race organisers have the right to verify and request verification of the age of participants before, during and after the race.
15.When registering, each registrant is only allowed to register only once as a member for one team.
16.It is up to each registrant to ensure that there is only one registration for and by him / her. The registration received first in time according to the system used will be regarded the valid registration.  Any registrations thereafter will be cancelled by the organiser and the remaining members of that team will be notified that a team member’s registration has been cancelled and that in order to avoid cancelation for the whole team, a substitute team member must enter within the specified time of the notice. Notice will be given to email addresses provided on registration.  If the team member’s personalised adidas race tee has already been printed at the time of cancellation, the organiser will charge a reasonable cancellation fee in the circumstances. If the team member is not replaced before the due date in terms of the notice, the team will be cancelled.
17.Entries are transferable.  The organiser will accept any request for change on the team profile (online) up to 5 calendar days before the event. A participant may also apply for a substitution with the Race Office at or 011 017 2700. A transfer will carry an additional administrative fee of R150.00. The original entry fee will be used as the entry fee for the participant substituting the initial participant. The person who is being substituted will have their number removed from the database and a new number with medical information will be allocated to the new team member.
18.The organiser reserves the right to cancel entries of applicants without refund if they have provided false or incomplete information, fail to make the required payment, or fail to meet entry requirements. The organiser also reserves the right to contact applicants for any additional information required for their application.
19.Entry fee per participant is R200 (R1200 per team). Participants can withdraw and request a refund due to medical reason on presentation of medical documents issued by medical practitioners and which must be submitted to the Race Office before 30th November, 2016. If a team member has to withdraw at any time for medical reasons without a replacement member being found, or if a team member for any reason cannot finish the race, the team will be able to participate and finish the race but will not be eligible for any prizes.
20.An entry is not considered valid until full payment has been received.
21.Number Collection:

  • Teams may select to have their race packs couriered at an extra fee of R100, which fee will be payable together with the entry fee. The packs will be grouped together and sent to team captains between 28 – 30 November 2016.
  • Team captains who do not select courier option are to collect from Runbase at 155 Smit Street in Braamfontein from the 2-3 December 2016 on Friday between 09:00am – 14:00pm & Saturday between 10:00am – 16:00pm.

22.No participant may sell their number, or allow anyone else to run under that number, unless the formal substitution process referred to in paragraph 13 has been followed. Should a participant be in breach of this paragraph 18, she/he will be immediately disqualified from the race.
23.By registering for the event, the participant understands and agrees that the organiser, its partners or sponsors will take photographs of the event including participants to the event. Participants hereby consent to such photographs being taken at the event and being used for promotional and publicity purposes by the organiser, its partners or sponsors in their sole discretion. The participant further understands and accepts that the photographs are and will remain the property of the organiser, its partners or sponsors.
Race Rules
1.No participant may compete without wearing the timing chip, issued in their race pack, secured to their running shoe and adidas Run Your Crew T-shirt with allocated race number. Each participant must wear the adidas shirt that is allocated to them.
2.The timing tag allocated to each entrant is to be securely attached to running shoe (see instructions provided). Timing queries must be addressed to Race Office no later than 9 December 2016 for consideration.
3.Terms & Conditions and Official Rules– Upon submitting his/her entry, applicants need to accept all Terms & Conditions and also agree to any additional race rules that may apply at the day of the event, or that may be introduced by the organiser to regulate the smooth running of the event.
4.Participants should be aware of and understand the risks involved and the degree of fitness required for the race. It is the sole responsibility of each participant to ensure that he / she is physically fit to participate in and complete the race without any medical or other assistance being required. Any person who is pregnant or suffering from any chronic disease such as heart disease or high blood pressure should not participate in the event. The organiser reserves the right to disallow / disqualify any person who is known or in the sole discretion of the organiser, or who appears or is suspected to be physically unfit to participate in the event.  Participants are asked to seek medical advice relating to their physical condition before participating in the race. By submitting his / her application and subsequently taking part in the race, a participant:

  • warrants and confirms to the organiser that he / she is physically fit to participate in and complete the race; and
  • agrees to indemnify the organiser for (i) any injury or death suffered by the participant himself / herself or any other persons; and (ii) any damage to property as a result of him / her not being physically fit to participate in and complete the race.

5.The organiser reserves the right to disqualify any person and / or nullify his or her result due to any violation, breach or non-compliance with any rules that apply to the event. The organiser shall not refund any entry fee under such circumstances.
6.The organiser reserves the right to change or alter any parts of the running routes during the race without prior notice to participants in the event of unexpected road conditions or emergency. Should the race be temporarily suspended due to any emergency, participants must follow the instructions of race officials or any law enforcement officers on site.
7.Instructions given by the organiser and race officials must be followed at all times.
8.Results will be sms’d to participants who have completed the race within the specified time limits, wearing his / her timing chip.
9.Results will be SMS’d within a reasonable time after the race has been completed. This will include individual time as well as the team aggregated time.
10.Only participants of the 12km race will be entitled to compete for the fastest team prize. Participants in the 4km, 8km and 12km races are also eligible for spot prizes. Official times will be used to determine the prizes and positions.

  • Participants who do not start the race according to the designed start time and assigned registered race category and participants who do not complete the race, shall not be entitled to any awards and certificates.
  • Teams MUST all wear the timing chip provided to be eligible for a result and prize money. If any member of the racing group does not wear their pre allocated timing chip, they will be disqualified.
  • Teams of 6 need to complete the 12km course together and finish within 1 minute of each other.
  • If the full team does not complete the race, they will not be able to qualify for a podium position or prizes. PLEASE NOTE: No assistance from spectators or marshals will be permitted.

11.If one or more team members do not finish the race due to injury, the team willbe disqualified.
12.Participants must complete the course in 2 hours or less in order to qualify as a finisher.Participants who fail to complete the race within 2 hours, will be withdrawn and will not be permitted to continue. Support services will similarly be withdrawn for that section of the route and the route will be opened to normal traffic. Participants must complete the course entirely under their own power and any vehicle or motorbike or bicycle or any other assistance is prohibited.
13.Should the event be cancelled due to circumstances beyond the control of the organiser or force majeure(for example: thundershowers/lightning, etc.), the organisers will confirm the cancellation as soon as reasonably possible and a refund will be made within a reasonable time of cancellationand the organiser shall have no further responsibility and/or liability thereafter.
-Only teams participating in the 12km race will be eligible for the fastest team prize
-Prizes are not transferable or redeemable on a cash basis
a. Fastest Team:

  • This prize consists of:
    • 6 overseas return flights
    • 4 nights’ accommodation (3 star)
    • SNT daily allowances
    • adidas running gear
    • Entry into the XXX overseas race
    • Being hosted by XXX international crew
    • This prize is to the value of RXXX each and RXXX total

  • The winning team will be determined by aggregating the 6 team member’s times. The fastest aggregated time wins.
  • The fastest team will be sent to XXX in XXX to participate in an adidas Crew Event. To be eligible participants need to
    • Be 18 years or over
    • Have an eligible passport
    • Have no criminal record
    • Comply with any other requirements in order to receive the prize and participate in the overseas race.

  • Participants need to obtain a Visa and other documents required for overseas travel.
  • In the event that the full team cannot or declines to attend, the prize will be awarded to the runner up team.
  • Deadlines for confirmation that the prize will be used by the team will be determined after the race and communicated to the winners.

After Party
1.All participants that finish the race will be eligible for entry into the After Party at Carfax to start when first runners come through.
2.Standard Bank SnapScan and ATM facilities will be provided. Cash will also be accepted at food trucks and bars.
3.No cooler boxes or cooler bags will be allowed into the venue. There will be food and drinks for sale.
4.No outside food and drinks, drugs, fire arms or any dangerous weapons or other items will be allowed into the After Party venue.
The participant agrees and understands that she/he takes part in the event at his/her own risk and that it is his/her responsibility to be medically fit to take part in the event. The participant indemnifies the organiser, its directors and employees, the organiser's partners or sponsors, and its directors or employees, for any harm caused to the participant in the course of taking part in the event.  Accordingly, in so far as may be permitted by South African law, the participant hereby indemnifies the organiser, its directors and employees, the organiser's partners or sponsors, and its directors or employees, against all claims, loss, demands, actions, damages, and causes of action whatsoever (including but not limited to that arising out of personal injury) that may be suffered by the participant or his/her dependants, arising directly or indirectly from participating in the event.